Playlab help you with the technical management, development and ongoing evolution of your website - informed by data and digital analytics.
On the web, nothing stays the same forever – everything is in a constant state of flux. And everything can be measured
We are a team of coders, analysts and project managers - ready to elevate your digital presence into a state of high performance, data-driven, nirvana.

We make (digital) things work better for you, using a dash of analytical insight and a touch of clever technology.

But there’s more to it than that…

We have worked on projects for our clients covering e-commerce, content management systems, mobile sites, Facebook pages, email campaigns, boutique portfolios, landing optimisation, all sorts of stuff – for some very well-known household brands to smaller businesses with big ambitions.

Our agency collaborations and direct projects have brought us to work on some well known brands – including Disney, Sky, BBC, UKTV, Tesco, Pru Health, Sage, Nokia, Stannah, Chevrolet, and The Royal British Legion.

Using insights from Digital Analytics, we continually improve your website against clear performance metrics.
Working with our sister company Measurelab, we support advanced analytics and tracking implementations - with Tag Containers and sophisticated Data Layers.
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